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Fundamentals of Shoulder Anatomy and Shoulder Injury Prevention in Pole and Aerial Fitness




An online course covering anatomical and functional shoulder workshop specifically designed for the pole industry in order to promote shoulder health, prevent injury & rehabilitation from injury when necessary.


Course modules

1. Introduction

2. Shoulder anatomy

3. Shoulder movement

4. Muscles of the shoulder

5. Shoulder injuries

6. Injury prevention

7. Rehabilitation



Students will be able to understand shoulder anatomy and natural shoulder function.  Students will also be able to recognise the signs of acute and chronic shoulder injuries, as well as offering rehabilitation exercise advice




Welcome to the Fundamentals of Shoulder Anatomy and Shoulder Injury Prevention in Pole and Aerial Fitness course.


This course is aimed at qualified instructors in pole and aerial disciplines who are looking to further their knowledge of shoulder anatomy and injury prevention. To gain the most from this course you must have a good foundation-level knowledge of anatomy & physiology and a good knowledge of pole and / or aerial fitness. 


Co-authored by The Movement Specialist and Pole Passion, this course benefits from insight gained from a vast range of experience and disciplines. Detailed anatomical, physiological and rehabilitative information has been applied to pole and aerial fitness in a way that will allow you to train and teach in an informed way, preventing injury to yourself and your students wherever possible. In addition, a rehabilitative section provides detailed instruction on pilates based movements that can assist during the rehabilitation stages of a shoulder injury. 


It is important to note that this course is not designed to replace medical advice or diagnosis. It is essential to always seek medical advice in the event of an injury. 


Links to further resources are available at the end of the course. Your course access lasts for one year after you login and a course booklet is available for downloading and printing should you wish to keep the content. 


We hope you enjoy the course!

Fundamentals of Shoulder Anatomy & Injury Prevention in Pole & Aerial Fitness

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