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Kay Penney is the Chairwoman of The World Pole Federation, co-organising the World Pole Sport & Fitness competitions around the world with the very first championships held in Jamaica in 2009
Kay is also the owner, founder and Managing Director of 
Pole Passion Ltd (, Passion Fitness established in 2001

Burlesque Passion (  and 

RPole Equipment ( established in 2005

Miss Pole Dance UK ( established in 2004

and is responsible for bringing pole to men and women as an art form and dance.

Kay is the owner and creator of the longest Pole dance championships, Miss Pole Dance UK established in 2004 


Kay created Pole Passion Ltd to pass on her experiences and passion for the pole, promoting the very talented and ambitious from beginner students to the World champions, like Felix Cane, double world champion and Bendy Kate and Alesia Vazmitsel. Kay adapted the early pole techniques, inspired by exotic dance in the beginning, and innovated pole fitness techniques and constantly affirming her vision by achieving national accreditation for both her instructor training qualifications in 2007 with the governing body REP’S AND Skills Active.
Her programmes are now shared and learnt by men and women all over the world with a continual passion along with her dedicated and experienced team. The Accreditations are valid in all of Europe, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia & USA.


Kay is a business Graduate and has the pleasure to attend seminars including  speakers as Sir Richard Brandson & Alan Sugar 

Kay has had a love for sport & dance all her life and has been involved and certified in Tennis, Hockey, Netball, Football, Cricket, Orienteering, Badminton, Swimming and Gymnastics and is a Qualified Fitness Instructor and Group Exercise Instructor. 

With her experience of competitions in other fields she formulated and founded Miss Pole Dance UK Championships in 2005 & Mr Pole Fitness UK competitions. She is creator of World Pole Sport & Fitness Championships from 2009 (Jamaica). She developed and innovated the first synchronised doubles category in 2010.


Passionate about the health and well-being of students and instructors alike she created a First Aid Pole Sport Specific course in 2010 – the first of its kind.
She is a member of Equity, Fitness Industry Association (FIA), UK Active, Sussex Chamber of Commerce, Honorary Member of Pole Fitness Association USA, International Pole Sports Federation chair of Events 2009.
She is a qualified first aider, pole specific and continues to teach weekly pole fitness lessons where she is most happiest.

She wrote the first ;-
Code of Pole Practice 2008 - specific to professionalise pole fitness.
Pregnancy on the Pole Policy 2013 - to educated pregnant ladies who love pole
Child Protection Policy 2017 - to safeguard children who do aerial skills

She is the co inventor of the RPole, the world’s first, free standing, portable pole without a stage, specific for pole fitness and dance techniques, without a platform stage and the only pole which incorporates a safety mat as standard.
The RPole also is the only pole currently built to British and European safety standards.


She is actively involved in teacher training and assessing in both Pole and Burlesque Dance techniques. 

Kay has appeared on National and International TV :- BBC, Sky Bravo TV and local radios and many times has been featured in local and national newspapers and magazines.
She is a presenter and public speaker for pole fitness and over the years supports cancer charities 4 times per year and has raised thousands of pounds for such charities to include;-
Mind, McMillian, Cancer Research UK
St Lukes Hospice,
Breast Cancer Awareness,
Wear it Pink.

She has taken the pole under water, in the sea, has pole danced at the top of Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the UK, on the Great Wall of China and outside Dracula's castle in Romania


Each year Kay is passionate about networking and supporting other pole companies and countries, such as Russia, China, Ireland, Switzerland, Hungary, Bucharest, France, Spain, and Turkey to name a few, sharing each other’s culture, well-being and knowledge. 




2001 Founder, owner & Managing Director Pole Passion Ltd.  (

2001 Life leadership coach, Mastery Leadership training  2001 to present day

2003 Pioneered weekly pole fitness classes in the UK

2004 Author – Rules & Regulations National & International Pole championships

2004 Creator of judicial system National & International Pole Championships

2004 Specialist programme training on the pole, stretch, bands, conditioning 2004 onwards

2005 Judged the First World Pole Dance Championships Amsterdam

2005 Initiation of Insurance Policies for Pole Fitness Professionals 2005 onwards

2005 Founder & Organiser of Miss Pole Dance UK Professional category

2006 Documented & creator, author of Pole Passion Pole syllabus
2006 Pioneered REP’s accredited pole instructor teacher training

2006 Creator of Master Classes for Pole fitness for the World ‘Pantera’ promoting a sharing system for all

2006 Trainer, Coach and Assessor for Pole Passion International Pole Sport Accreditation

2007 Pioneered REP’s accredited burlesque fitness instructor training

2007 Judged and supported the First Miss Pole Dance Hungary Championships annually to 2016

2008 Pole Instructor Advanced Training Membership No. PPF-0010708

2008 Author Code of Pole Practice
2009 World Pole Federation, creation 2009 –

2009 Introduction of first Pole Fitness Grading system
2009 Introduced the first Pole Camp  - ongoing annually 

2009 Founder & Organiser of Mr Pole Fitness UK – all categories

2009 Onwards - international head Judge

2009 Founder Organiser for Amateur and semi pro championships for Miss Pole Dance UK

2009 Creator of the chaperone system to allow women competitors to travel safely
2009 Founder & Creator  of World Pole Dance – Rules & Regulations and Judicial system, adjudicator, move syntax coordinator, Head Judge 2009 – 2013

2010 Creation and pioneering synchronised doubles category 2010 for National championships

2011 Created a license system for Pole Fitness to share world wide

2011 Created an annual International Pole Training Opportunities and Retreat in Budapest and Spain

2011 Started to offer International Pole sport and fitness Teacher training Programmes world wide

2011 First Aid Qualified – developing First Aid courses pole sport specific

2011 Founder of Pole Passion instructor, helper and apprenticeship scheme

2013 Co author of Pregnancy Policy on the Pole

2014 Co organised the Continual Professional Development system for all Pole Passion staff

Judging & Competition National and International on a yearly basis
2015  Inter university judge Keele University UK
2016  Judging and co creating the First Miss Pole Dance Romania Championships
2016  Co development of Pole Passion Hoops accreditation

2017  Co developed syllabus flashcards
2017 Budapest Pole & aerial camp

2017  Wrote the Child Protection Policy - Safeguarding children

2018  Wrote the Pole Instructor Training for Instructors to teach Children on the pole
2018 Budapest Pole & Aerial Camp

2018  Developed UK North Pole and Aerial camp
2019 Budapest Pole & Aerial Camp

A break during Covid
2022 Organised Miss Pole Dance UK - online
2023 Organise Pole & Aerial Camp in Budapest


Budapest Pole & Aerial Camp

Kay loves to promote pole around the world and has been arranging pole groups to attend Budapest, Bucharest, Spain and France in her pole and aerial camps


This year, 2023, will be the 10th time in Budapest


When Kay is not on the pole she also pursues her other passion which is beauty and as a fully qualified beauty therapist
She loves to carry out body massage and facials and this last year she has even found time to renovate a three bedroom house from top to bottom!


If you would like a 121 with Kay then please contact us at

DAMIAN KUTRYB @damiankutryb - Owner of GFFdamian Dance Studio in Manchester, GFFdamian Pole Camp has been Pole Dancing since 2013 and fell in love with it immediately. He practiced Pole Dance regularly at home and in classes and is still picking up new moves and styles to improve his standard. The Famous MR UNICORN -  His funny video reached few million  views!


- Winner of IPSF Business of the Year Award 2022 

– Winner of International Pole Idol 2016

– Runner Up Semi Pro Mr Pole Fitness UK Champion 2017

– Best Entertainer Award – Mr Pole Fitness UK Championships 2017

– Winner of JLN UK Pole Championships 2017

– Best Entertainer Award – JLN UK Pole Championships 2017

– Mr Worldwide International Winner 2017

– Mr Model Guy Manchester 2017 - Finalist

– Mister Gay Warsaw / Parady Ròwności 2017

– Mr Gay Poland 2017 Finalist

– Mr Gay Poland Digital 2017

– Mr Gay Poland Photo 2017

– Mr Gay Poland Public Voting 2017

- Finalist Mr Pole Scotland


Experienced Pole Sport  and Pole Art Judge  


Miss Pole Dance UK Pro and Semi Pro, Pole Art Experience, 

JLN Pole Princess and Queen Championships, 

1st Academic Pole Championships Poland, Pole Art Austria, Body and Pole Competition, Heir to the Chrome  and many more)


Certified X-pert Pole Fitness Instructor, Xpert Children`s Pole and Aerial, Alixia Flexibility Instructor, Zumba and Fitness Instructor.. Damian is strong, has fantastic flexibility and is extremely advanced, he can make a basic pole move look like contortion! 

As well as Pole Dancing/Fitness Damian is also an experienced teacher of Aerial Hoop and Stretching.


Damian has featured in British media on tv and tabloids. He danced at the Jimmy`s Carr show the `8 out of 10 cats does countdown` and he featured in Documentaries called the `Pole, Pride & Prejudice`, `Success abroad`for Discovery Channel+.

He does teaches the workshops Internationally and is excited to join Pole Passions annual pole & aerial camp retreat this year 


Please contact us if you would like a 121 with Damian in Budapest



Master Trainer 

Lena Shishkova - @Elenabaghira


Founder of Russan Pole Dance / pole fitness / pole dance contemporary.

An accomplished pole dancer aerial gymnast, dancer and creator, choreograper and Judge at World pole sport and fitness


Lena Shishkova


Advanced international accredited pole instructor PPF0700310


Instructor of aerial silks, aerial hoop, contemporary jazz dance & stretching


Lena has been dancing since the age of 10.

In 2007 she opened the 1st pole dance and pole fitness studio “POLEDANCE” in Moscow, Russia.

She took part in the World Pole Sport and Fitness Championship 2009 (finalist) and the World Pole Sport and Fitness Championship 2010

She is a co-organizer the Russian Pole dance unity.

She is an organizer of the Moscow monthly project Pole Angels.

She is an organizer the Russian pole dance competition 2009/10, 10/11, 2012

In 2010 she read the course “The general teaching methodology of pole dance and pole fitness” for instructors.

She took part in showcases in Russia, Ukraine, Europe, Jamaica, USA.

In 2010 and 2011 she received the approved advanced pole instructor accreditation PPF0700310 (Level 1 and Level 2) with international company Pole Passion Ltd/Passion Fitness

She performed in Ink-N-iron festival in LA, USA, 2011.

She currently works as an aerial silks and straps performer at “Aerial circus – theatre SIMBIOZ”

She studies jazz and contemporary dance at Broadway dance center and in Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre in New York, go in for classical ballet and sport gymnastic in Moscow.


2012 – Main Pole Instructor at POLE WEEK by Pole Passion LTD/Passion Fitness

Took part at The Pole Convention in LA in 2012

2013 was announced as The Best Russian Pole Instructor

2013 - Master Trainer at POLE WEEK 2013 in Budapest

2013 - Member of the International Dance Council CID

2015 took part in The Opening Ceremony of The World Basketball Championship 2015 FIBA U19 WOMEN.

2016 - Master trainer at Budapest pole & aerial camp presented by Pole Passion LTD/Passion Fitness

2018 - Master trainer at Budapest pole & aerial camp retreat 

2021 – Started working at fitness centers as pole dance and fitness instructor

2022 – Pole dance contemporary workshop in Sakhalin, Russia

2023 – Aerial kids instructor (hoop, silks, straps) at the Moscow gymnastic center

2023 - Master trainer pole & aerial camp retreat presented by Pole Passion Ltd 







MISS POLE FITNESS AWARD in Texas 2011, Dallas

Finalist POLEDANCING UNIVERSE 2011, Denver

Semi-finalist 1st WORLD CUP 2011, Rio de Janejro


Silk runner-up PPS Aerial Performance Tournament 2011, Hong Kong

Silk Finalist PPS Aerial Performance Tournament 2012, Hong Kong

WINNER of pole dance 2013 in Dance Legend, Ulyanovsk, Russia

SILK Professional 2nd RUNNER-UP PPS Aerial Performance Tournament 2013, Hong Kong



*** She was invited аs a judge to Miss Pole Dance UK Professional 2008, Miss Pole Dance UK Professional 2009, 

Miss Pole Dance Germany 2009, 

The first Ukrainian Pole Dance Championship 2010, 

The Russian Exotic dance competition 

2011 in Moscow, 

Pole Sport International 2011 in S-Petersburg, 

Miss Pole Dance UK Professional 2011, 

Miss Pole Dance Ukraine 2011, 

Pole Battle of the Ukraine 2012, 

Miss Pole Dance Romania 2016 

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