Frequently Asked Questions


One piece pole (1pc) is manufactured in one part is cheaper to produce but NOT come with travel bag due to length BUT will come with bags for base and frame

Two piece pole (2pc) is manufactured in two parts - breaks down into 2 equal pieces for travel / storage.



2.2mtr pole will fit in most homes and studios with low ceilings
2.5mtr pole offers a better height for teaching and for outside or studio use.


38mm dia pole is perfect for small hands and beginners.
42mm dia pole offers better grip for inverts where leg grip is required.


Q. What's the best way to keep the poles clean?

A. To clean the (all) poles we recommend soft cloth and clean water with a non abrasive antibacterial spray or similar. Neat Vodka also works well and has anti bacterial properties!


Q. Will another manufactures pole fit theRPole Base

A. No only poles made for the RPole will fit.


Q. Will the poles scratch?

A. Yes, all poles will scratch if you wear sharp items of clothing like belt buckles, body jewellery etc, although this can be polished out from stainless steel and unlike chrome will not flake or peel.


Q. I Have a very high / low ceiling, will the RPole fit?

A. As the RPole does not require ceiling fixings it can be used outside. The RPole is supplied with a standard 2.5Mtrs pole and this can be supplied as a 2.2Mtrs option which is perfect for typical UK domestic home use.


Q. Can I purchase a spare top for my RPole
A. Offering a spare top is not possible due to RPoles being manufactured in the UK in small batches and each batch can slightly vary making it very difficult to guarantee a match for your pole. We do offer a part exchange option to upgrade your RPole to the latest specification. 

Q. Do you offer coloured poles?
A. Yes we can offer any colour and pattern



Q. How wide is the base?
A. The base is 1800mm / 6ft round which creates a natural 'exclusion zone' for safe practice.


Q. How long will it take to put together?
A. The RPole Play takes 52 seconds to put up. The fastest we have erected one is 2.5 SECONDS!


Q. How is it so stable?

A. The RPole's strength and stability comes from its unique design, developed from over 7 years of design and development. The RPole does not require extra weight or stabiliser bars.

Q. Do I need the underfoam with the safety mat?

A. Yes. The underfoam allows a level surface between the frame legs for the mat to sit on

Q. My room has a wooden / laminate floor, will this be damaged?

A. The RPole is fitted with protective silicone sleeves on the frame which will not mark or damage floors and also offers a non slip function.


Q. Does the RPole come with a spin option?
A. The RPole is STATIC only as designed to be lightweight with no tools required making set up extremely fast. It also comes with a safety mat option for fitness and safe practice. Spin options require a heavy hard base that weighs more than the RPole and this we felt was wrong and took away our USP of lightweight design, so we stopped producing the spin version.

Q. Does the RPole come with a Hard Base option?
A. No, see above


Q. What is the RPole designed for?

A. The Rpole is designed for use at home or for teaching in a studio, at beginner to advanced level. It has a weight limit of 100kg. If you are using the pole within those parameters it is absolutely fine and very stable in use. The pole itself will lean slightly when you're on it (as all free standing poles do) but that won't affect your move. If you perform a high momentum move at speed, such as a reverse grab spin, you may find one side of the base lifts slightly. This is normal and perfectly safe - it just indicates that the forces are being distributed correctly. The pole won't tip over (we have tried very hard in testing!) so any movement is safe and it's unlikely you will notice it in spins. For inverts and balance moves such as ayesha, you may find you have to work your core more to allow for the slight movement in the pole. For this reason, you actually get a better workout! 


We would suggest that high momentum moves (such as fonji) performed at the top of the pole by someone at the higher end of the weight restriction, might feel a bit unstable. This is quite a specific situation though, so doesn't affect most users. RPoles have been used to teach professionally since 2009 and we have never had a problem with them and have found students prefer them. In fact when they then try a floor to ceiling pole they find all their moves really easy because they are so much stronger! 


The RPole is designed for portability and fast setup times means it's ideal for quick class set up times, taking minutes to set up and folds away into the smallest of spaces making it easy for storage or transport to another studio for busy instructors with more than one studio. 

Q. What is the RPole NOT designed for?

A. The RPole is NOT suitable for:-


  • Doubles training or practice

  • Competitions

  • Use with any non RPole approved accessories like Pole Silks or TRX systems

  • Persons or forces continuously applied exceeding the stated weight limit, performing doubles tricks and highly dynamic horizontal moves at the higher end of the allowed weight, will all provide excessive stress which may cause the pole to fail if parts not fitted correctly in the base.

Q. Does the RPole come with a guarantee?
A. Yes, a full 2 years guarantee (1 year for bespoke paint options) that covers any manufacturing defects but will not cover normal wear and tear (scratches) nor does it cover misuse, neglect, willful damage, hiring or lending your pole or use with Pole Silks or other non authorised accessories. You must show you have maintained your RPole to benefit from the full 2 years by downloading the maintenance log and keeping this with your RPole.

Q. What's the dimensions of the RPole in Travel Bags?

A. Mat (folded) 90cm x 90cm x 12cm x 6kg

Frame Foam (under foam) 77cm x 67cm x 10cm (x 2) 1Kg

Pole bag 130cm x 10cm dia x 7Kg
Frame bag 87cm x 12cm dia x 14Kg

Base bag 20cm x 20cm x 15cm x 8Kg


Q. What's the dimensions and weight of the RPole for shipping?

A. RPole Strada

Box 95cm x 33cm x 18cm Weight 24kg

Tube 130cm x 10cm x 5cm Weight 7.2Kg

or Tube 225cm x 5cm x 5cm Weight 7Kg for 2.2mtr one piece pole option)


RPole Studio Fit - As Strada plus,

Bag 80cm x 70cm x 21cm Weight 2kg

Bag 93cm x 93cm x 18cm Weight 7Kg

RPole Strada

RPole Studio Fit

Q. Do I need any tools or fixings?
A. No! The RPole is designed to go together without any tools, screws, fixings or extension feet. 


Q. Where is the RPole made?

A. United Kingdom

Q. What is the maximum user weight?

A. The maximum safe load is 100Kg. RPole recommend all instruction is under the direct supervision of a Accredited / Qualified Pole Fitness Instructor. The recommended weight limit came from our adopted British Standard BS EN 957-1:2005 for free standing training equipment. This was aimed more at gym equipment but we adopted this standard. Section 6.3 Stability test states: Carry out the test with a secured test person of (100 ± 5) kg and this is where the 100kg came from. This standard has since been superseded by BS EN ISO 20957-1:2013.


Exceeding the stated weight limit, performing doubles tricks and highly dynamic horizontal moves at the higher end of the allowed weight, will all provide excessive stress which may cause the pole to bend deform or fail.


Failure to lubricate the 'O' ring or locate the pole correctly in the base can lead to failure of the pole over time (applies to spindle poles ONLY manufactured between 2012 and 2013) due to extra stress applied to the spindle.


Q. Is the RPole waterproof?

A. Water and poles do not go together for all the obvious reasons. The hard base, frame ring and spinning boss must NOT get wet or be stored in damp conditions under any circumstances. The pole is manufactured using stainless steel and aluminium which will not rust, however if left wet aluminium will show white spots and may dis-colour.


If your pole does get wet then it must be dried as soon as possible and wiped clean with a soft cloth. The frame is designed for use indoors or outside in dry conditions and may rust if left for prolonged periods in the wet or allowed to get wet and not dried.


Q. Does the pole come with installation instructions?
A. A comprehensive owners manual is available online *click* this link to go straight to the owners manual




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Q. What maintanence is required?

A. Your RPole is built to a very high standard in the UK with quality precision machined materials. As such it requires very little in the way of maintenance and will provide years of trouble free service. The user manual includes a maintenance section. We recommend your RPole is wiped down after use and stored away from potential damage and knocks in a dry place.

Maintenance and care


To keep your RPole in top condition we have a number of resources available. 


Instruction manuals are available on our website.


Please visit our website for your maintenance records.  Following a regular maintenance regime will ensure many years of trouble-free pole use. Please print these out from our website and keep safe with your RPole. These will also be useful to prove you keep equipment safe and well maintained for Health & Safety regulations or if required by insurance companies. 


To keep your pole clean, we recommend YOU WIPE IT DOWN WITH A SOFT CLOTH AND VODKA as this cleans, sterilizes, dries very quickly and is hypoallergenic.  


Silicone oil can be purchased from our shop page.

It's very important to move the silicone frame sleeves to the end of the frame if they start to move down the frame leg. If the silicone sleeve isn't located at the end of the frame, this will make the RPole less stable and also put a great strain on the pins. This could make them come lose and will, in turn, lead to more movement in your RPole in use. 


Q. I can't remove the pole from the boss

A. This is most likely due to the 'O' ring drying out or if you have left the pole in the boss for a long time. We recommend lubricating the 'O' rings with a small amount of silicone oil to keep them working correctly and to stop fitting or removal problems. 


Below are our instructions for removing a stuck pole. If you are unable to remove the pole from the base, this is something we could do for you but would require returning to us. 


This is best attempted with two people. One to hold the pole off the ground and the other to hit the base part. You will need a rubber mallet similar to the one in this link:


With someone lifting the pole off the ground about 150-200mm cover the base part with a folded towel and hit the base part hard in a downward motion. This may take a few attempts but it will eventually come loose. Once the pole is free, lubricate the 'O' ring with silicone oil:


Q. I can't fit the pole fully into the boss

A. The problem is the pole has been 'dropped' into the boss and this has damaged the 'D' lock located at the bottom of the boss. (The D lock prevents the pole from 'spinning' in use). The poles have to be gently lowered into the boss to prevent this damage occurring.


Q. If my pole develops a fault, what should I do?
A. Notify us immediately of any faults and these will be immediately attended too. If you are outside the guarantee period we will still be able to advise and in some cases can repair the fault free of charge unless caused by misuse or neglect.




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