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42mm dia Stainless Steel 2.2mtr pole (1pc) - Available

42mm dia Stainless Steel 2.5mtr pole (2pc) - Available

42mm dia Stainless Steel 2.2mtr/2.5mtr pole (3pc) - Available


  • One piece pole (1pc) is manufactured in one part with no join. Perfect for home or studio but will NOT come with travel bag due to length BUT will come with bags for base and frame. 

  • Two piece pole (2pc) is manufactured in two parts - breaks down into 2 equal pieces for travel / storage.

  • Three piece pole (3pc) is manufactured in three parts to offer 2.2mtr or 2.5mtr height - breaks down for travel / storage.


  • 2.2mtr pole will fit in most homes and studios with low ceilings

  • 2.5mtr pole offers a better height for teaching and for outside or studio use.


  • 38mm dia pole is perfect for small hands and beginners.

  • 42mm dia pole offers better grip for inverts where leg grip is required.



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Safety Mats - Available to order.


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