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All RPoles are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for *12 months from date of purchase, provided it has been sold by us. Within this period the RPole will be repaired free of charge, except for a handling/transportation costs. All repairs must be carried out within the UK by RPole and all parts returned to us for repair.


* We may extend the guarantee period beyond the statutory 12 months at our sole discretion as stated at the time of the sale. Currently, we are offering a 2-year guarantee from November 2020 which covers manufacturing defects in equipment as originally packed by us and applicable only under conditions of recommended use of the product as described in the Owner's Manual and providing that instructions for installation and maintenance and use have been complied with.


It's very important to move the silicone frame sleeves to the end of the frame if they start to move down the frame leg. If the silicone sleeve isn't located at the end of the frame, this will make the RPole less stable and also put a great strain on the pins. This could make them come lose and will, in turn, lead to more movement in your RPole in use. 


We recommend you read the owners manual before assembling and using your new RPole. 


Maintenance advice is available on our video tutorials page. We recommend you have a look at these, in particular the 'Base Maintenance' video to see how to maintain your RPole. If you keep the pole erected for a long period of time the pole can get stuck in the base so it’s always a good idea to remove it at least every few weeks and lubricate the small rubber ring. We highly recommend that the silicone oil is used once every two months based on light use. Please do not use other lubricants like Vaseline or a water-based oil, as these tend to dry out and or 'glue' the pole in the boss!


Your guarantee is subject to a proven maintenance record after the first 12 months. This will ensure many years of trouble-free pole use. Please print these out from our website and keep safe with your RPole. These will also be useful to prove you keep equipment safe and well maintained for Health & Safety regulations. Please visit our website for your maintenance records.


To keep your pole clean, we recommend YOU WIPE IT DOWN WITH A SOFT CLOTH AND VODKA as this cleans, sterilizes, dries very quickly and is hypoallergenic.


We recommend you retain the cardboard tubes your RPole was delivered in and place straight into the pole bag. This will protect the poles and prolong the life of the bag


As your RPole is a high-quality stainless steel metal, scratches can be polished out. Please contact us if you would like more information on this. 


Not covered by Guarantee

Consumable items including mats, foam, rubber seals, silicone, painted finishes, joiners and travel bags are not covered against accidental, malicious or damage caused by wear and tear, misuse, overloading, neglect, contact with dust, grit, moisture/water or unauthorised repair.


OVERLOADING, RENTAL, DOUBLES PRACTICE, POLESILKS, COMPETITION USE OR FAILURE TO PROPERLY MAINTAIN YOUR RPOLE: will void your guarantee as is an uncontrolled environment. Doubles practice, attaching Pole Silks or TRX systems (or similar) or competition use are beyond the design criteria of the RPole and may cause damage or failure of equipment. Failure to lubricate the 'O' ring or locate the pole correctly in the base can lead to failure of the pole over time (applies to spindle poles ONLY manufactured between 2012 and 2013) due to extra stress applied to the spindle if not seated correctly within the base.


We will, at our discretion, either repair or replace any flawed parts or equipment in accordance with the conditions set out below. The Purchaser's Guarantee is only valid if the item is used in an environment approved for use and not misused or altered by adding extra weight or accessories not approved for use.


The product-specific approved environment is stated as: Personal home use only by the purchaser or Health Club, Gym, Hotels, School, Leisure Centre, Community Centre or any approved fitness venue with a group fitness studio providing always the product is used by a limited user group under direct supervision of an Accredited Pole Fitness Instructor in a controlled environment.


LIFETIME GUARANTEE: Was issued for 2009 models and is at the discretion of RPole for the extent of the lifetime of the product but in any case was until parts are no longer manufactured or available and in the case of 2009 models we no longer support free issue replacement parts. Due to the innovative design of the RPole we will, however, endeavour to repair any faulty parts with parts, labour and shipping now being chargeable.



Under no circumstances shall RPole Fitness or Pole Passion Ltd be liable by virtue of this warranty or otherwise for any special, indirect, secondary or consequential damages of any nature arising out of any use or inability to use this equipment.


Repairing or Replacing a Product

All repairs are carried out within the United Kingdom. All shipping costs and postage for returned items are the responsibility of the customer and are NOT included in the guarantee.


Despite continuous quality control, individual defects and malfunctions may occur in individual components. Delivering the whole piece of equipment for repair is often unnecessary, as it is usually sufficient to replace the defective part. Enquiries regarding guarantee or Reporting a Fault should be made via our contact form in the first instance.


Repairs to damaged items not covered under guarantee will be charged at minimum £60 plus replacement parts/materials costs PLUS all shipping costs to and from the customer address. Additional costs for travel expenses for onsite visits charged at £60/hr plus £1.00 per mile if necessary for site visits. Our engineers have a full understanding of RPole design and engineering and are happy to support you.


Guarantee Limitations

The guarantee applies only to the original purchaser and is not transferable and is valid only in countries where RPole Fitness has an authorised importer. Fitness equipment or components that have been modified without the consent and authorised by RPole Fitness or its parent Company Pole Passion Ltd.


The guarantee covers proven manufacturing defects only. Any faulty parts need to be reported immediately and the RPole made safe so it cannot be used until repaired. We will not be held responsible for any loss while the equipment is undergoing repairs or for postage costs to return the item to us or claims for items lost in the post.


Failure to follow the instructions given in the Owner's Manual and/or maintain your RPole will invalidate the guarantee.


This guarantee is the latest version (April 2019) and replaces any previous versions.


We accept no liability for loss of income through equipment requiring repairs how-so-ever caused.

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