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Read and follow all instructions and obtain proper instruction before using this equipment. Failure to use appropriate caution or safety equipment could result in serious injury. Stop exercising if you feel pain, faint, dizzy or short of breath and consult your doctor.

Intended use
Your RPole is designed for Pole Fitness anywhere due to its lightweight design offering ease of transport. The frame only option is only suitable for experienced pole users who can control their moves, otherwise the safety mat option must be used at all times and always when teaching students or practicing inverts. 


The RPole is designed for controlled moves, spins and transitions within the frame area. It is NOT suitable for excessive lateral moves or spins due to its lightweight design and is unsuitable for any other type of exercise or use. Unauthorised equipment or parts must not be used with your RPole.

Customer service

RPole fitness equipment constantly undergoes strict quality assurance both during production and use. As such the models may not exactly match the images seen in this manual. If you have any concerns or questions with your RPole in the first instance read the instructions below carefully, then if the problem persists or for all technical enquiries please contact our customer service representatives who are always happy to help you.


You can contact our specialist team (English Only) on the following email:




Important information

1.    Before first use, clean the pole to remove any manufacturing oils that may remain on your pole from manufacturing. 
2.    Remove all body jewellery and sharp clothing objects, or cover them up, to prevent injuries, damage or scratches to the pole. Note: Stainless steel poles may have fine scratches or marks where machined, this is perfectly normal and will not affect the performance of your pole in any way. As this is a quality stainless steel the surface will not peel like inferior chrome poles if scratched.
3.    Your RPole is precision manufactured to fit perfectly together. Always take great care of the pole to prevent damage. Replace any defective parts immediately and service regularly.

Tip: Keep the pole boxes and insert into the pole bag to protect your poles in storage or when carry to class.
4.    Fitting - Gently lower the pole into the boss and rotate to engage the ‘D’ lock and lubricate the ‘O’ ring at least monthly to help with fitting and removal.

5. Failure to lubricate the 'O' ring or locate the pole correctly in the base can lead to failure of the pole over time (applies to spindle poles ONLY manufactured between 2012 and 2013) due to extra stress applied to the spindle

6.    Make sure the 6 frame legs are inserted fully into the boss and frame ring fitted. 
7.    Do not expose your RPole to rain or high humidity or leave wet or in damp conditions.
8.    Never run at your RPole or allow others to run at it.

9.    Maximum user body weight 100 kg.

10. Do not store your RPole in damp or extreme temperatures below 10C or above 35C. Always allow your RPole to warm up before use otherwise this could cause stress and damage to the pole. 



Safety instructions 

To avoid injuries and/or accidents please read and follow these simple rules:

•    Ensure the RPole is on a solid flat even surface.
•    When assembling the equipment please make sure you have enough space around and above it. 
•    Always check your pole and frame has been correctly assembled before the start of your routine, class or session and regularly during the class or session.
•    ALWAYS USE A SAFETY MAT with your RPole for teaching or personal training, particularly when just starting out and always for inverts.

•    Have a qualified spotter present whenever using your pole, particularly when trying out new moves or performing inverts. 
•    Check before use and regularly during use that all parts are secure.
•    Never leave your RPole unattended. 
•    Remove the pole or fit a safety pole barrier.
•    Always wipe down your pole with clean and dry towelling cloths to keep it hygienically clean. Use plain water for cleaning with a mild disinfectant and a dry cloth to finish.
•    Never run at your R-Pole or allow others to run at it.
•    Do not allow children to play on the pole.


Service requirements


•   Clean the pole and safety mat after each use with mild disinfectant or surgical spirit.

•   Check the D lock on the pole and base for any damage. Any damage can prevent the pole from sitting correctly or make the pole get 'stuck' in the base. 

•   Apply a thin layer of silicone oil to the 'O' ring every week. Failure to lubricate the 'O' ring or locate the pole correctly in the base can lead to failure of the pole over time (applies to spindle poles ONLY manufactured between 2012 and 2013) due to extra stress applied to the spindle.

•   Each week, or as required, ensure the frame legs fit correctly and the silicone sleeves are pushed to the end of the frame legs

•   Check the frame ring is undamaged and dry.

•   Check the non-slip base rubber is intact and undamaged


See our video tutorials here



Guarantee / Returns

Full guarantee details are available on our website under ‘Guarantee’  Go to

In the UK, goods which prove unsuitable may be returned for refund, credit or exchange if they are returned within 14 days of receipt. Subject to the following conditions: 

•    You confirm in writing (email) your intention to return the goods supplied within 7 days from receipt.
•    Items are returned carriage paid and insured for loss or damage.
•    Items are returned unused in their original condition and in original packaging in order to secure a refund.
•    Items are received in a resalable condition and in original packaging.
•    Refunds will be subject to a £20 admin charge and will not include original or return carriage costs.
•    We cannot accept for return any items which have been specially ordered for you to your specification (e.g. Safety Mats).
•    All returns are to be accompanied by the senders name and address and reason for return.
•    We cannot accept responsibility for returned parcels which are undelivered or delivered damaged by your courier, please retain your proof of postage should you need it on the event of a claim with your carrier.


Assembly instructions

1. Place the ‘base unit’ where you intend to use it. Ensure it is on a level flat surface and you have plenty of room both around and above

2. Fully insert the 6 frame legs. It is important to check these remain fully inserted during use

3. Place the frame ring over the boss and frame legs and FIRMLY press down ensuring a tight fit. It is recommended you stand on this to ensure a tight fit.

4. Gently insert the pole into the boss and locate the ‘D’ lock.

5. Fit under foam between the frame legs and place safety mat on top (Studio Fit RPole)


... You are now ready to use your RPole.

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