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RPoles are designed to last for many years service with minimal servicing beyond lubricating the O-ring seal with silicone oil and re-positioning the frame silicone sleeves which is shown in our video tutorials. Following some simple basic maintenance will keep your RPoles in top working condition for many years. Our 2009 RPoles are still in daily use after 8 years and show no signs of wearing out as they are regularly maintained and serviced. *click* this link for FREE service report schedule


If you purchased your RPole second hand or just want it serviced because some parts are lost, the pole is scratched or stuck or maybe damaged by overloading then we can help bring your RPole back to its original condition with our service options including covering replacing non-slip pad to a full inspection for possible mis-use and repair options to make sure your RPole offers many more years of reliable service. See our shop page for more details.


Annual on-site service options are available to show compliance with 'Duty of Care' for equipment owned by local authorities, Councils, Universities and companies. Includes a full written report of maintenance carried out, equipment safety check, all repairs and parts included with 12 month extended guarantee included. Please contact us for service plan options.


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