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RPole Strada is ultra portable for the ultimate 'go anywhere' fitness pole (we took one to the Great Wall of China!). Safety mat NOT included so you need to be able to confidently hold your own body weight on a pole for this option. Just add the RPole safety mat and this becomes an RPole Studio Fit.

Studio Fit

INCLUDES a full size safety mat for safe practice and teaching / professional studio use. The RPole design offers fast set up times for class and complete student safety. Our low profile design allows floor work to be part of your training (our 2009 RPole Studio Fits have been in use 3 times a week for 12 years).

Perfect for home and studio use.

Compact and versatile. Train your entire body with one piece of gym equipment that is gym-grade quality and priced accordingly. Fast set-up and packs away easily. Perfect for home and studio use.

The portability of the RPole you can work out at home, or outside in the garden, park or beach.


RPole is the perfect home fitness equipment and also for teaching in studios / gyms 

  • Fast set up and break down into small bags

  • Lightweight stable design

  • Built to British  and European safety standards

  • Guaranteed for 2 years with ongoing maintenance support

  • No moving parts

  • No screws or tools required

  • No sharp edges

  • No step or tripping hazards

  • Suitable for all floors and outside

  • Nylon coated frame offering 10-year protection

  • Non-slip silicone sleeves

  • Best core workout available from any pole

  • Suitable for complete beginners to professional instructors


Benefits of Pole Fitness at Home


  • It saves time as there is no travelling.

  • No sharing or waiting for equipment.

  • You can exercise any time of day or night.

  • Go at your own pace.

  • Privacy.

  • You can wear whatever you want.

  • You can listen to your music out LOUD. 




2.2mtr one piece poles are perfect for home use

If you cannot comfortably hold your own weight or intend to practice inverts and new moves, we strongly recommend the RPole Studio Fit with safety mat is purchased and always used to prevent possible injury from slips or falls.


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