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STEP 1  Choose your RPole

RPole Strada is ultra portable for the ultimate 'go anywhere' fitness pole (we took one to the Great Wall of China!). Safety mat NOT included so you need to be able to confidently hold your own body weight on a pole for this option. Just add the RPole safety mat and this becomes an RPole Studio Fit.

Studio Fit

INCLUDES a full size safety mat for safe practice and teaching / professional studio use. The RPole design offers fast set up times for class and complete student safety. Our low profile design allows floor work to be part of your training (our 2009 RPole Studio Fits have been in use 3 times a week for 13 years).

TIP: If you cannot comfortably hold your own weight or intend to practice inverts and new moves, we strongly recommend the RPole Studio Fit with safety mat is purchased and always used to prevent possible injury from slips or falls.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for information on size, use and travel


STEP 2  Choose your pole
One piece pole

The 2.2mtr one piece offers a good value single piece pole that will fit in most domestic properties. Poles are stainless steel, scratch resistant and hypoallergenic

Two piece pole

2 piece pole offer a pole height that fits in most homes and training studios, or use outside. Poles are stainless steel, scratch resistant and hypoallergenic

TIP: 2.2mtr one piece poles are perfect for home use

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