Thank you for considering RPole Fitness as a potential partner for your sponsorship opportunity. We are happy to consider your proposal if your project fits within our general sponsorship guidelines as detailed below; 


Sponsorship exclusivity in the category of Pole Sport Fitness Equipment 

  • Ideally 6 months lead time to your event for maximum exposure 

  • The event will enable our products to be shown in a positive way and be brought to life 

  • Prominent Logo exposure is considered necessary 

  • There must be a large audience exposure with audience research during and after the event, including sponsor questions providing feedback results to us. we suggest this is carried out by the form of a written feedback form. 


RPole Fitness have preferred charity that donations are made to and therefore we cannot consider other charities. 


Sponsorship Proposals must provide at least the following:  

  • A natural link with our core products of Pole Exercise Equipment and Accredited Instructor Training Programmes 

  • Creative ideas that inspire the audience for fitness and FUN! 

  • Involve our customers in your event or program 

  • Offer cross-promotion opportunities between pole exercise equipment, parties, events and instructor training 

  • Offer opportunity for key customer hospitality 

  • Must have Press Releases and main media or industry related media exposure including Logo exposure 

  • Opportunity to create a database and picture / video portfolio that we will own or have exclusive and shared copyright rights too. 

  • Ability to cross-promote with other appropriate sponsors 

  • Documented endorsement of our product by your organisation and/or spokesperson 

  • Direct sales opportunities of our products – to your audience and customer base 


To be considered for sponsorship your proposals must include: 

  • Key details of the opportunity eg. What, where, when and who is the target demographic 

  • Exactly what you require from RPole Fitness for the sponsorship and level of sponsorship sought 

  • Overview of your marketing plan – including what is included and is not included 

  • List of sponsors who have committed to date 

  • A comprehensive list of benefits, including how they relate to us and our products 

  • Timeline, including important deadlines 

  • Who is accountable / responsible for the project - full name and contact details required. 

  • Details of Risk Assessments and Insurance Certificates 

  • Credentials of your company and event producer, marketing manager, promotions manager, event after sales follow up etc 

  • Expected attendance and pre / post event exposure 

  • TV audience estimate if any 

  • Media partners and their confirmed commitment to date 


Submitting Proposals: 

Proposals can only be consider in writing. NO PHONE CALLS - no verbal requests. 


Please email your proposal to rpole @passion-fitness.com. Your proposal will be reviewed by the Events Team to assess suitability, feasibility and resources required. Notification of our decision regarding your proposal will be within 4 weeks. All applications will be considered